the short version

My work is all related to how to cultivate a relationship with our bodies, and therefore with our being, and how that can have a profound positive impact on an individual and collective level. 

Most people find me at this site here because I have created 2 podcasts, Liberated Body which ran for 3 years, and Bliss and Grit which is ongoing with weekly episodes. 

My main client-based work these days is as an embodied coach and Realization Process teacher. You can read all about that on the work with me page.

I've been in private practice as a Rolfer since 2000. If you're inclined to work with me for Rolfing you can read all about it and book online, etc, etc at my practice's website: New Haven Rolfing

You can see more of what I'm up to now on the 'now' page. 

the longer version

My work with the body began on day one with a birth injury. Because of that injury I grew up with chronic pain and neurological challenges, and by the time I was in my early twenties I was faced with the reality of a broken down and painful body. Unable to open my mouth, turn my head to the right, or to bear much weight on my right leg, I worked with numerous doctors. One of my main doctors thankfully recommended that I seek out bodywork, and that led me to find Rolfing. (Thank you Dr. Murad Padamsee at the Tufts Craniofacial Pain Center!). 

Through my initial ten-series of Rolfing I experienced a pain-free body for the first time in my 23 years. Elated, inspired, and deeply grateful to this work (as well as more than a little disoriented by the non-sensation of being pain-free), I knew I wanted to train in Rolfing and share it with others who might be struggling similarly.  Since my graduation from The Rolf Institute in 2000 I have worked with hundreds of people to help them heal their bodies. 

In June of 2014 I began the Liberated Body podcast as a way of learning in public and building bridges between disciplines in the manual and movement therapy worlds. An interview-based show where I speak with a wide variety of somatic visionaries, the podcast took me far beyond where I thought it would lead me. Through creating the show the way I see not just the body but the way I see everything changed. 

It was thanks to Liberated Body that I was introduced to the concept of somatic (body and sensation-based) meditation which changed my mindfulness practice dramatically. I dove right in with a 5-month program called Meditating with the Body through Dharma Ocean, which is also the lineage I took my refuge vow with. 

Following that I trained with Judith Blackstone in The Realization Process, which is an integrated approach to psychological healing, embodiment, and spiritual awakening. (You can listen to or watch an interview I did with Judith about what the Realization Process is and how it heals here.)

My current podcast is called Bliss and Grit and currently has over a hundred episodes. I am grateful to make the show with my dear friend Vanessa Scotto. Most episodes are Vanessa and I in conversation, and we also have many conversations with exceptional teachers about evolving consciousness and what personal evolution looks like alongside deep permission to be human.

And here's what I'm up to now!