All we need to do is let go and let the body show us our true life.

Reggie Ray

I'm a serial maker, so this website functions as a collection of what I'm up to. 

Mostly my work points to how wondrous the body is, and how cultivating a relationship with it can actually let one's life unfold. 

PRIVATE PRACTICE I've been in private practice as a Rolfer since 2000. I've practiced in Boston, Napa and Sonoma, Manhattan and Brooklyn, and for the last 8 years in New Haven. If you're inclined to work with me for Rolfing you can read all about it and book online, etc, etc at my practice's website: New Haven Rolfing

I'm also a movement educator and the main forms I have trained in are Rolfing Movement, Yoga Tune Up, and MovNat. While I don't currently teach any group classes, I utilize these tools with my one-on-one clients in my practice. 

I am currently training in the Realization Process with Judith Blackstone and look forward to adding this embodiment offering to my private practice come spring. 

SHOWS I created the podcast Liberated Body as an outlet for my obsession with the body and with learning. Along the way to my own learning it became a resource for a wide variety of other practitioners and teachers in the manual and movement therapy fields. On the show I interview somatic thought leaders and they regularly blow my mind and change the way I see everything. 

I made another show about what it means to live an embodied spiritual life in the modern world with my bestie Vanessa Scotto. It's called Bliss and Grit. Upon listening to Liberated Body one might discover that I have a bias towards what is now being termed interoception by researchers- i.e. how the ability to feel one's own internal landscape of sensation correlates with higher functioning (greater ease, happiness, etc) in life. For me that's inextricably linked with the kind of unfolding which can best be described as a spiritual path- spiritual is a tricky word, but it's the best I've got right now. So there you have it. 

TEACHING Vanessa Scotto and I are currently in the process of putting together our first workshop retreat, called The Temple, which helps people deeply connect to their bodies in order to develop an intimate and ongoing dialouge with their "innerness". We believe this is critical to healing our lives and letting them unfold as unimpeded and gorgeously as they were meant to. 

NOW Click the link to read up on what I'm working on right now.