I am currently accepting new clients for Embodied coaching sessions 

What is an embodied coaching session?

Embodied coaching helps you to land in your Being experientially, and from there to tune and to hone your sense of  that in order to have it as a compass for how you experience and live your life. That might sound obscure or woo-woo consciousness-speak, but really it’s very simple and effective for getting us out of our ruts and into the lives we want to live.

Our culture is very mental. Nearly all of our cultural conditioning has to do with thinking about ourselves, our lives, and our world as concepts. Thinking makes for a very good servant (tool), and a very poor master (discerner and experiencer). So this work isn’t about some spiritual idea of dropping all thoughts, but rather about getting better acquainted with our experiential selves in a world that tends to significantly undervalue this potent aspect of self.

I like to think of connecting with our Being, our experiential self, our felt sense- whatever you want to call it- as reconnecting to a superpower we’ve always already had, but that was hidden in plain sight. What’s the superpower for? It’s for see/feeling our lives with greater awareness so that we can break the unconscious habits, or ruts, that keep us continually having experiences we are sick to f*cking death of having. So we can have a different experience of the world and our lives.

Why do you call them “embodied coaching” sessions?

I’m picky about words because they are pointers that can easily go awry. Put simply:

Embodied: The integrated deeply felt and known experience of how we inhabit ourselves and the world, so that we can use that awareness to play and shift out of states that leaving us feeling all-things-yuck so that we can have a lot more yum.

Coaching: Coaching associates this work with a field of practice that helps people to understand sessions are therapeutic but not therapy, so I’m going with “coaching” for now. That said, I waffled on using the term “coaching” for so long because for most it has an association of helping people to set a goal for how they would like to change or improve themselves, and then meeting those self-improvement goals in a striving/thinking/doing/accomplishing kind of way. This kind of striving self-improvement tends to hold in place that we need to be something better or get somewhere better, rather than truly freeing us. So as long as the self-improvement implication of the word “coaching” is put into context, and as long as we’re having a conversation about what true embodiment is, i.e. landing in yourself right here as your already worthy self and evolving from that place, I’m cool with using the word “coaching”.

What happens in a session?

Sessions usually involve a combination of guided somatic (body/sensation based) meditation and embodiment (interoception) work and inquiry to address whatever is most pressing in your life right now. The embodiment work I love and use primarily for this is called The Realization Process.

The inquiry work itself is not mental in nature (though occasionally it is useful to inquire about whether or not a thought is true), but rather about dropping into your Being in order to discern from and listen to a deeper place. This is the skillful work of learning how to feel and follow your internal compass. For most of us, that compass has been covered over by many (ahem), many, many layers of conditioning; Ideas of who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to act, and what the world out there is all about. Not to mention confusion in our nervous systems in a pretty overstimulating world. These layers cause us our suffering, and we do the work to tenderly unbind them together.

What and who are these sessions useful for?

People seek out these sessions for all the normal human reasons for seeking out support in your life. Yay we all get to be normal humans! So whether that is discerning a career change, a relationship issue, or, and this work is particularly potent for this- getting out of The Rut. Something that keeps repeating and you super don’t care for it, and you’ve done All. Of. The. Things… but it just keeps on repeating. This work is great for disrupting the loops.

This work can also be very effective for those who identify as highly sensitive or highly empathic, and who feel overwhelmed and/or fatigued by the world because of the amount of energy or “other people’s stuff” that they pick up on.

Many other people describe their motivations to seek these sessions out as being tired of the self-improvement game, tired of trying to empty the metaphorical bucket of their psychological history, and tired of spiritual paths that make them feel like constant placidness or always-emptiness is the only acceptable option. In short, they are tired of energetically moving in the world in a way that feels like a dog chasing its tail. Or a dog suppressing its tail, whatever that looks like.

What is your training to do this work?

I trained with Judith Blackstone and received my certification in The Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy, now titled the Healing Ground Certification.

In addition to that specific training, I have had the great good fortune to sit with and to interview a number of other teachers whose work and resonance of Being has had a large impact on me. They include John Prendergast, Amma, Adyashanti, Matt Kahn, Jeannie Zandi, Amoda Maa, Tami Simon, the Dharma Ocean lineage, and Grace Bell (doing Byron Katie’s The Work).

How is it different from therapy?

The first thing that is important to say is that I am not a therapist (even though the certification training I did with Judith Blackstone has the word “psychotherapy” in it). Therapy happens with therapists who are trained and licensed to help people to understand how their psychological patterns and experiences might be shaping how they feel or behave in the present tense.

The work that I do is not based on understanding the past in order to understand the present*. It is meant to help people get better acquainted with Now, and with their experienced, embodied selves, which is different from their cognitive understanding of themselves.

*It is important to mention that therapy has been important and useful in my own life and in the lives of many others, so this is not my way of dismissing therapy, but rather of differentiating how this work is not therapy. And if I feel a client would be better served with a licensed therapist and working in that model, I will refer them to one.

How do we meet?

Sessions happen via Skype or Zoom. If you prefer a landline, I can provide a conference call number.

I work with clients all over so if you are not in my time zone (EST/New York time), we can initially do some timezone sorting.

(Side note: For some reason I have a lot of Australian clients and so between the number of people I work with on the other side of the globe, and the challenging time difference, there are fewer spots available for those of you in the Pacific Rim. Sorry! I love you Aussies and Kiwis too! I wish we had teleportation!)

How frequently do we meet?

Most people work with me anywhere in the range of once a week, to once every 3 weeks. This tends to keep wind at our backs relationally, while still allowing time for integrating and exploring in your daily life.

How much is a session and how do I pay?

Sessions are $150, and you can pay online here.

How do I inquire about or schedule a session? 

You can either book online, or use the email form below and I will get back to you shortly. 

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I don’t believe that words can fully express the experience, nor the gratitude, I have in working with Brooke. This process of waking up and coming alive can feel to be at times a very lonely process. Having Brooke along for the ride has made this part of my path feel so much less like I’m navigating outer space alone, to truly feeling as though I am connected to a part of something larger.  I genuinely appreciate how Brooke gently illuminates what I refer to as my blind spots - specifically the subtle, tricky ones that trip me up - and then helps me to create space to really sink into and honor them. Working with Brooke has brought me sanity and peace on my journey, and I am forever grateful.   


Working one-on-one with Brooke has been an incredible gift and an invaluable resource for me. Whether I am struggling with something personal or asking those bigger, existential questions, she holds a beautiful + safe space for me to explore and maneuver through life. Brooke has been a great teacher to me since early on in her Liberated Body days (although she may not have known it, since I was just a listener for a long time) so I was over the moon to see that she was offering one-on-one sessions, so we could take some deep dives into my personal struggles. She has been immensely supportive and non-judgmental through some of the tougher times, and she was there to celebrate with me when I was calm and content. I am so grateful for her presence in my life, I am grateful for the work she does, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for support on their path.


I often share that Brooke was a light that helped illuminate a dark and muddy path at a time when I felt lost in every direction. Her compassionate guidance, active listening, and intuitive perspective, facilitated a shift in my lens to address, sort, and adjust pressing things in my life. She develops an environment that radiates a beautiful synergy between spiritual, calming, down-to-earth, highly-aware, yet lighthearted love to truly shift a perspective and expand even further on your path. I am very grateful to Brooke for truly helping me transform my relationship to myself and others to land in the here and now, and I highly recommend her services, love, and light! 


I have contacted Brooke after listening to her and Venessa on Bliss+Grit and it has expanded my views on what embodiment and spirituality mean to me, and how to marry both in my daily life. Through working with Brooke I’ve learnt how to be more present with myself, how to be kinder towards myself, and how to listen to myself the way she listens to me. I get practical tools to working with whatever feelings and thoughts that arise and I noticed a marked change in my attitude and behavior since I’ve started working with Brooke. I cannot recommend her enough if you want somebody authentic and kind at the same time. 


Brooke brings her life’s work of unravelling truth within her own body and mind to our mentoring sessions, which have provided me with a safe and loving space to journey deeper in my meditation practice. Even through the medium of Skype, I can feel her 100% present with me. It is her authentic experience of uncovering and understanding her own heart that I find so valuable. And her laugh is infectious!