What if you knew how to plan and sustain your healing arts business so that you were clearly prospering and not just getting by? 

It’s possible. And you can do it without having to become a Magical Being on Instagram, without having to resort to manipulative marketing and sales tactics, without having to create a whole new system of healing, and without having to double time it and over-work. 

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*each incubator cohort is limited to 20 people


You can thrive with a career in the healing arts. The incubator can help you focus on:


Clarifying your offering and knowing what business model will actually work for you.

There are so many more flexible options than we typically consider.


Getting real about your relationship with money.

Putting systems in place can help you to know up front what you need to earn and how you'll get there, relieve the burden of scrambling to pay yourself or your taxes, and even (gasp!) take paid vacations.


Putting your business out there in a sustainable way.

Discover strategies that are a fit for who you are (not whatever the latest “must-do” or “just do everything” marketing trends are).

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*each incubator cohort is limited to 20 people


You know you’re a talented practitioner. You didn’t randomly pick something to do for a job, you chose your career because it is deeply meaningful both to you and to those you serve. You know you were meant to do this work and you’re really helping your clients with what you have to offer. 

And yet…

When it comes to business and money (be honest, did your body recoil a little just at those words?) you struggle to generate more than enough income to sustain the life you desire.

And in that income shortfall it’s likely some current myths in the health, wellness, and therapeutic spaces start getting into your head. 

Myths like: 

  • You have to create a whole new healing paradigm, and work 90 hour workweeks to promote it, if you ever hope to make the kind of money you want and need. 
  • You have to be a superstar on social media.
  • You have to start a big enterprise like running a conference or summit, a weekly podcast, build out a giant studio or wellness center, or have a “signature online course” if you ever hope to support yourself. (To be clear- you sure can do these things, some of them are super fun! But want-to-do and have-to-do are very different). 
  • You have to resort to “limbic capitalism” and insert little fear-based calls to action in your marketing materials to get people to pay you for what you’re offering.
  • You just have to find ways to give more, more, more of yourself to your clients and the money will come. 

Not true.

Instead you can

Learn the fundamental building blocks of a successful business.

Build your business around your strengths rather than taking the “do everything/be everything to everyone” approach.

Be crystal clear on what it is you have to offer and for whom.

Have a plan for a burnout-free business.

Have your main sales materials that beautifully describe your offering done, and your long-term marketing strategy created to be as pain-free (and as genuinely creatively delightful!) as possible.

Know what you need to earn based on your actual life and goals, with a strategy to get there that keeps your integrity intact.

Have the confidence and the know-how to try out little experiments to see what works for you. 

Not feel afraid anymore when you check your bank balance, when taxes come due, or when you want to take a vacation. Money doesn't have to be your frenemy!

Have systems and processes in place that make your work-life run smoothly.

What is the Healing Arts Business Incubator?

This is not simply an online course. It is twelve weeks of intensive learning and one-on-one support for implementation. Here's how it works:

Our twelve weeks of learning and working together are broken up into 6 sections:

Kick-Off Gathering: We will get this party started by meeting live as a group on Zoom. This way you can meet the colleagues that have joined you in the incubator and start a) being inspired and b) brainstorming how you can connect and support one another after the incubator concludes.

Module 1: Create a business built on your strengths and your clients' true needs. To create a business that will thrive long term, you will need to dive into knowing your strengths, career capital, and what works for you. At the same time, it's important to dive into who you serve by ditching the typical "ideal client" worksheets and instead deeply listening to what your clients' truly want and need from your services.

Module 2: Heal chronic insufficiency and know what you need to earn. We will look at common shadow sides of healing arts businesses; We get clear-eyed about the twin patterns of over-giving and under-receiving. We also sort out what you actually need to earn in your business in order to take good care of yourself (yes we do the math!) If we don’t tie our work to real numbers, we’re just imagining fun business ideas and can have many more false starts than we need. (Brooke is a Financial Counselor currently in her supervisory stage of training).

Module 3: Clarify your offering and craft your business model. Your business model is the system that your business uses to create value and to deliver value. And there are so many different ways to do this! Instead of teaching any One True Way, or narrowly focusing teaching only one small piece, we will discuss the myriad of business model options. In truth, none are inherently better than another, so it is more a matter of choosing and fine-tuning what works best for you, your clients, and what is the best fit for delivering the service you provide.

Module 4: Simplify your marketing options and make your marketing plan. Not only do you not have to do everything, it's often genuinely unhelpful to attempt to do everything! So instead of a "throw-everything-at-the-wall-I'm-sure-something-will-eventually-stick" marketing plan, we will create the humane, effective plan that pairs best with your offering. (Psssst... you do not have to become a social media influencer to successfully market your business. Becoming an influencer is only helpful if your business model is "celebrity" but we are service providers....)

Module 5: Create your sales materials/ Write your website copy. The word "sales" has a yucky stank to it for good reason. However, in reality the "sales" process is just a way that people who have become interested in your work can get their questions answered about if it is the right fit for them. When we approach sales respectfully, we are simply helping people to find out if we are what they are looking for. It also helps us to figure out if they are the right fit for our offering. No arm twisting or limbic capitalism required! Instead, in the incubator we focus on writing good copy for our website and sales page. People often belabor doing this, and it can feel like a big task, but in this module our easy website audit and highly adaptable template for writing your sales page will put the wind at your back.

Module 6: Systematize your burnout-proof business and write your launch plan. Systematizing is sexier than it sounds! Every burnout-proof business relies on good systems. In this module you will understand why guardrails are key and how to set them up, and how to set up the flow of your money in and through your business so that you can get off the roller coaster ride of self-employment. We will also write your launch plan by putting the big day on the calendar together and working backwards from there to understand exactly what tasks need to happen when.

Launch party! Our final group meetup isn't a class but instead a celebration! Come announce your business offering to the group and let your colleagues know how they can support you moving forward. As in all things, we are stronger together.

Each 2-week module begins with a 90 minute class which will cover in-depth what you will be working on during the 2 weeks. This class is pre-recorded and delivered to your digital course hub on the first Monday of every module. This allows for asynchronous learning where people can watch the course material at a time that works for their schedule and time zone.

You get one-on-one support!

During the incubator you will get support and feedback in a few different ways:

First, you can send me what you're working on via email, as well as any questions or roadblocks you might be coming up against. I will respond either in writing or via video coaching.

Second, you can book a 30 minute one-on-one Zoom coaching call with me to brainstorm or talk through any stickier issues you are sorting out in your business.

These office hours happen on Mondays and Wednesdays.

This is an accelerator for people who are ready to learn, but who are also ready to put that learning into practice as we go. If you want to exit these twelve weeks with everything you need to make a shift in your business completed, you’ve come to the right place. 

*Note: Having everything you need to make the shift completed is not the same as promising a magic-wand-get-rich-quick-autopilot scheme. In reality, our businesses will always need tending to. This program helps you get set with exactly what you're offering, how you're offering it, and how to nurture it without depleting yourself.

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*each incubator cohort is limited to 20 people


People had some nice things to say about it...

Having listened to Brooke’s work since The Liberated Body and taken several classes through the years, it took me all of 5 seconds to sign up. Now, on the other side of the 12-week process, it probably should have taken me only 2 seconds. 

I feel so relieved, like four years of internal dialogue is quieted. The work wasn’t easy, at times it felt excruciatingly vulnerable to say out loud “I want my business to look like this” but it’s been entirely worth it. The pace felt doable and I was able to integrate the work into my daily life without it feeling like it was one more thing on my already full plate. Brooke was clear and supportive throughout, providing valuable insight and clarity where I needed it. Her work has integrity and I never, not once, felt like I had to use ick marketing techniques to fit into a role that doesn’t suit me. The framework she created is one I feel confident I can return to again and again as I move forward and add new dimensions to my business. HABI has been a vital investment in a sustainable and humane work/life balance. 

The most validating part for me has been the number of patients I work with who have happily supported the changes I’ve made. To have people say “Of course, I can see this for you. It makes total sense” has been so, so great. I like my job again andI’m excited about the future - how cool is that?! Thanks, Brooke!


Brooke is someone I trust deeply, both as a practitioner and as an ethical business person in the Healing Arts space. Her commitment to integrity in her business, and how she markets it/makes it available to the world is one of the values that makes her Healing Arts Business Incubator a great fit for practitioners committed to offering services of real value to others. If a small group of likeminded professionals and a space for accountability through your process of creating something new sounds supportive, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this container."


"As a small healing arts business owner, it is so easy when very busy with clients to not focus on the aspects I find less interesting- like budgets, promotion and planning - yet these are all vital to staying physically and fiscally vibrant. I now have a clear path for putting all this wonderful wisdom into practice.

Brooke Thomas is someone whose work I have followed for many years, having discovered her wonderful book “Why Fascia Matters” and then loving her Liberated Body/ Liberated Being podcast. So it was wonderful to be able to spend  few months with her in this personal way to really shine a light on my professional blocks."


Here's how it works

1. After you register you’ll receive a short questionnaire via email. The questionnaire is to help me better understand where you're at and what your goals are. If this program is not the right fit for your goals, I will let you know ASAP and refund your payment.

2. You will receive some pre-work to do (an hour or less of work). This needs to be handed in at least a day before our first group meeting.

3. Every other Monday a new module kicks off with the 90-minute recorded class arriving in your digital course hub. This class will cover in detail all that we will spend the next 2 weeks working on. Working with recorded course content allows members of the incubator to work in an asynchronous way, watching the class material with the windows of time they have in their schedules. *I do recommend people find a 90 minute window on their schedule every 2 weeks where they can schedule time to get the course content. This way they don't wind up feeling behind.

4. When we're not learning the building blocks of a thriving and burnout-free business, we will be rolling up our sleeves and getting to work! You will be given clear step-by-step work, called the implementation work in your course hub, to get momentum going.  All implementation work has been created to minimize busy-work and maximize the wind at your back to get things done so that you exit the incubator feeling ready to go with your business, marketing, sales and launch plans.

5. This is the important bit: As you are completing your work, you can send it my way and you will get direct one-on-one feedback from me (Brooke). That happens in two ways:

1) Asynchronously: Just send me an email, video, or audio as you work through the assignments and you get back specific coaching from me via video within 2 business days of submitting it.

2) Live and in-person: You will be given a booking calendar where you can schedule 30 minute one-one-one Zoom calls with me during office hours which happen every week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

*Most incubators are large group classes where you work on things by yourself and you have the option of posting to a large group feed. This is instead designed so that each member gets individualized mentoring and feedback. While this has a lot of learning material, this is not primarily an online course. It’s about implementation with one-on-one support.

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*each incubator cohort is limited to 20 people


What types of businesses is this for?

When I talk about a “healing arts business” I mean providers of a service who are trained to deliver that kind of support. Here are just some of the fields that covers:

  • Therapists
  • Bodyworkers
  • Movement educators
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Coaches
  • Fitness trainers
  • Personal chefs
  • Yoga teachers
  • Physical therapists
  • So many more! (If you're wondering if your business fits, you can always email me at b [at] brookethomas [dot] me.

How do these businesses deliver their services?

How people deliver their service can vary (and perhaps you’re interested in this because you’ve been trying to branch out or try something new). Here are some of the ways of delivering service that apply to the incubator:

  • Private one-on-one practice
  • Group coaching
  • Running a wellness center, studio or clinic
  • Productized services (things like a class, member site or subscription that partners with your client work or delivers it in a different format). 
  • Working with people in-person who are local to you
  • Working with people in a location independent way (online)
  • Or both

You may already be actively working in the way want to deliver your services but want some support in getting more momentum, or you may be looking to shift or expand how you deliver your services and are interested in using this time to explore your options. 

Either way, there's plenty we can do inside the incubator.

Wondering if the incubator is for you? Let me help you out:

Is for you if:

  • You are in a service-based healing arts business. (As opposed to a physical product-based business).
  • You have already completed your training in your field of expertise and are licensed or certified to do your work.  
  • You have already worked with clients or patients. (Working with people in your student clinic counts if you have finished your training).
  • You're "all in" on your business or working on getting there.
  • You have no interest in engaging in desperate schemes.
  • You're ready to do the work in the incubator rather than just passively learning some things.
  • You're game and excited for feedback.

Is not for you if:

  • You do not have any training to provide health, wellness, or therapeutic services.
  • You have never worked with a client (or patient) before. (Working with people in your student clinic counts if you have finished your training).
  • You do not have an hour or two per week to dedicate to the incubator.
  • You are trying to figure out how to turn your personality or advice into a brand.
  • You only sell physical products.
  • You are looking for an automated sales funnel.
  • You are in direct sales, MLM, or network marketing.
  • You want someone else to do all the work for you or some other kind of "business-in-a-box".

About Brooke.

Hi I'm Brooke Thomas and I help people thrive in their healing arts businesses.

You can read my full professional bio that includes all of my work history in the healing arts for the last 20+ years, and my work helping healing arts professionals further their work on the home page here.

On the personal side of things, I've supported myself and my (now 15 year-old) son as a single mom, solely through working in the healing arts. No hidden trust fund, alimony payments or inherited wealth. In this field I've been able to have a humane work life while still buying a house on my own, sending my child to camps and special programs, paying for family vacations, contributing to my retirement, and living nearly debt-free (I have a mortgage, but still... pretty debt-free).

There's a myth that working in these fields means you couldn't support yourself that way- I beg to differ!


How much does this cost?

The Healing Arts Business Incubator is a high touch program where you will work directly with me every week. It costs $2000 total. You can pay in full, or via a payment plan which includes no additional fees. Common payment plan intervals are weekly or monthly. If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact me directly.

How many people does Brooke work with at once?

So that everyone gets the individualized support that they deserve, each Healing Arts Business Incubator is limited to 20 people maximum. This is because the incubator is not just an online course, but includes one-on-one coaching which happens in two ways: asynchronously (email and video volleys) and in-person coaching calls. For more information, that's covered in the next two questions:

What is the structure of the incubator?

The incubator runs for 12-weeks, which are broken up into 6 learning modules. You can see the schedule more clearly here.

Each 2-week module works like this: At the beginning of the first week a recorded class will arrive in the online hub for all your course materials. Each of these is a 60 to 90 minute video class which covers the material we will be working on within that module.

With the class recording you will also receive your implementation work for that module. These are designed to minimize busy-work and maximize your ability to create your business, marketing, and sales plans in a way that can be immediately put into motion (rather than getting caught in minutiae as business, marketing, and sales gurus love to do!).

As you work through the implementation work, you will get coaching support from Brooke:

How do I get individualized support from Brooke?

The incubator is a hybrid program: part online class, part individualized business and financial mentoring. Because we have different preferences in how we are best supported (some people like to just be given the work, put their heads down, and get feedback as they go, while others want to meet face-to-face to talk things through) there are two ways you will get individual support during the program:

1) Asynchronously: As you move through the work, you can submit it to me (Brooke) via email (written, audio, or video), and you will receive back either a written response or video coaching within 72 hours Monday through Friday.

2) Book a coaching call: You can book a 30 minute meeting with me every week if you want! These happen via Zoom during my office hours which happen weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays.

*If you know you want to do the incubator but know Mondays and Wednesdays never work for your schedule, just send me an email about it and we can sort it out.

When is this happening?

The next incubator date is currently TBD, but will likely begin in September of 2022. To be notified of when registration opens, you can join the waitlist here. *Psssst joining the waitlist means you'll also be offered the early bird discount!

How does the class part work?

Pre-recorded 90 minute classes arrive in the digital hub for the incubator at the beginning of every 2-week long module.

I highly recommend that you put a regular time on your calendar every other week where you will watch the full 90 minute recording.

What if I know I won't have time to get the work done during this particular 3-month period?

If it's not a matter of missing a week here or there and you know these 12 weeks are already slammed for you, it's probably not great timing for you to get the full benefit of the incubator.

However you can request being added to the waitlist for future cohorts here.

Do I need to get a better handle on what my offering is before starting?

Nope. That's what the incubator is for!

How much time will this require each week?

Plan to spend about 1 to 2 hours a week on this. An hour or two a week for 12 weeks to have a solid business in place forever! Not bad!

Do you have a refund policy?

If you are not happy with the program within the first two weeks, you can send me your completed work and email me for a complete refund. After that time period, there are no refunds available.

How do the office hours happen?

Via Zoom.

Are there any fees for other materials outside of the incubator cost?

Yes. There is one materials fee, the cost of taking the Gallup Clifton Strengths Test which costs $49.99. It's an invaluable tool that you can return to again and again through the course of your life and career, and it will take a great deal of the guesswork out of what business offerings are likely to be the most fulfilling and least burnout inducing for you

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*each incubator cohort is limited to 20 people



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