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These days...

I help people who run service-providing businesses.

You can check out that work at The Simple Agency, or listen to the podcast Simple Prospering. 

Looking for the Healing Arts Business Incubator? It's now a done-for-you service.
If you're over it with DIY, check out Simple Agency.

Past projects


All of my current work can be found over at The Simple Agency


Because I tend to work in a project-based way (a good habit learned in art school; I'm a RISD grad), you may have found your way here via one of these past projects. So if you're wondering, "Hey, is this Brooke Thomas that Brooke Thomas?" I might be! Alas, I am not the sexy fishing champion (Google it).


Here's a summary of past stuff:

Before the Simple Prospering podcast, I made two other long-running podcasts, Liberated Being (formerly Liberated Body) and Bliss & Grit which I co-created with my friend Vanessa Scotto. 

I have been a Rolfer (manual therapist) for over 20 years. I trained in Realization Process, an embodied approach to self-awareness. I no longer take on new embodied coaching clients, but I can highly recommend Vanessa Scotto, Theresa Scott, Jervais Dionne, Claudia Vanessa, and Justine Blythe Porges

In the past I ran a program called Practice Abundance which taught healing arts professionals how to grow their private practices and to be small business owners. This reached hundreds of providers and was featured in the book The $100 Startup and Psychology Today. 

That program evolved and became The Healing Arts Business Incubator.


If you're looking for The Healing Arts Business Incubator (HABI), that work was the seed for everything over at The Simple Agency, so come on over!

I ran an embodied practice studio, also called Liberated Being, which offered practices with exceptional teachers in Realization Process, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, and Compassion Cultivation. That studio is closed. 

As a personal aside, in bridging the two very different worlds of the intimate and the digital, I am fairly obsessed with what the internet is doing to our sense of self, culture, and relationships.

I am not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and so any social media accounts you see for me are fake. Except the one with bikini fishing shots (not me remember!?). Or the entrepreneur Live Out Loud coach. So many Brooke Thomases!


I do dabble in LinkedIn

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