Hi, I’m Brooke. I am interested in how we cultivate a relationship with our bodies and psyches, and how that can have a profound positive impact on an individual and collective level.



Welcome! I tend to work in a project-based way (a good habit learned in art school) so you may have found your way here via one of these projects. Here's a summary of what I have made and continue to work on:

I have made two long-running podcasts, Liberated Being (formerly Liberated Body) and Bliss & Grit which I co-created with my friend Vanessa Scotto. 

I am a Realization Process teacher and use this work in my embodied coaching practice which is currently full.

I have been a Rolfer (manual therapist) for over 20 years and continue to love and to practice that work. That practice is also currently full. 

In the past I ran a program called Practice Abundance which taught healing arts professionals how to grow their private practices and to be small business owners. This reached hundreds of providers and was featured in the book The $100 Startup and Psychology Today. 

That program has evolved to keep up with the times and its current version is the Healing Arts Business Incubator. Our next cohort begins in May 2022.

I ran an embodied practice studio, also called Liberated Being, which offered practices with exceptional teachers in Realization Process, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, and Compassion Cultivation. That studio is currently closed as I focus on the Healing Arts Business Incubator and on completing my training as a Certified Financial Recovery Counselor. Information on that coming very soon!

As a personal aside, in bridging the two very different worlds of the intimate and the digital (having worked in private practice in the healing arts for over 20 years while at the same time becoming pretty good with digital tools), I have also become obsessed with what the internet is doing to our sense of self, culture, and relationships.

I am not on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Ways we can work together

Healing Arts Business Incubator

A twelve-week coaching program for those who work in the healing arts and want to clarify their offering and the processes that support its (and your!) success.


1 on 1

I have practiced Rolfing Structural Integration for the past 20+ years, and as an Embodied Coach and Realization Process teacher for the last 5 years. At this time I am not taking on new clients, but you can read about that work, and how to get on a waiting list if you wish to, via the buttons below.